Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First of all I want to update you on the last posting. Last week when I posted that Mark had a petscan I was wrong - it was a CT scan. Looking back I realize that whenever we talked or prayed about it we both just said "scan" and I was shocked when the doctor came in the room with the results of the CT scan!

So...I found out they do a CT scan because it is more detailed and shows any changes no matter how small and can measure very precisely anything that shows up.

They did a scan on the whole chest region and everything looked good with the exception of a couple of spots on the liver. One is a spot that was there last time that was 1cm that did show up negative on the last petscan and MRI but it has grown to be 1.9cm and there is also a small area of concern towards to top of the liver.

They are ordering a petscan on the liver to see if either spot shows up as cancerous or not so we are just praying that when the test is done all will be great and there won't be any cancer!

We have to wait on the insurance to approve the petscan before they can make the appointment.

I will post whenever I find out when that will be.

We are very thankful that we didn't get bad news - we just have to wait until after the next scan to send out the news that he is still cancer free!

Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

With much thankfulness,



  1. We continue to pray for you guys and covet your prayers as well. We love you guys and we will have to get together once we get Tom and Mark well!

  2. Thanks for the great update, Lee. We continue to pray.

  3. Great News! We will continue to pray for you both!
    Love, april