Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need Help in 1 Area

When we went to Arizona we learned a lot about natural treatments. When we came back our goal was to replicate as many of those things as possible.

One of the treatments they used for detoxing was infrared sauna therapy. They had a dome that they put specifically over his liver but it was the same thing as a regular infrared sauna would accomplish.

So...being a big craigslist user when we got back I started searching out the ads for an infrared sauna. We found one before Christmas and so the kids and I went to check it out - it worked perfectly and the price was good so we purchased it. We had to disassemble it to get it moved and then we stored it at Nathan's house to surprise Mark for Christmas. However, after we finally found the time to get it over to our house after putting it together we cannot get it to work!

We had a good friend who is an electrician look at it and he felt that what we might need is some one who is good at electronics.

I don't know much about all this but I have made many, many phone calls and googled this stuff and I cannot find anyone that will take a look at this. plea is this - if anyone around here knows someone that may be able to take a look at this for us we would be very grateful for the lead.

If you have any information and can help us out you can call my cell number at 678-778-7254.

Thanks so much!


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