Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doctor Visits and Recovery - September 2

Mark is recovering well - he gets stronger every day and he looks great!

We spent yesterday at the doctor's office learning more about what he can and cannot eat and about what supplements to take. He also got some IV treatments of vitamin C mixed with some other metabolic and immune boosters.

We went to Whole Foods for our first big shopping experience and it was pretty overwhelming! Mark is supposed to eat an organic diet with some restrictions completely from sugar, red meats, some nuts, no pork of any kind, etc. When you come to the organic eggs that cost 4.99 a dozen you are trying to not let your jaw drop too much and be too conspicuous! It was fun and we came home ready to get going on our new diet!

When we got home and settled in for the night Mark made a Pear and Kale smoothies for us - it had a lot of fresh fruit along with the kale but it was delicious! We have to juice twice a day and so I ordered a recipe book with all kinds of good ideas that we can use.

Today Mark is getting his staples out for which he is very thankful - they pinch some when he bends over. His Uncle Montie is down for the day to help out from Chattanooga.

Overall things are going well and we praise the Lord for where He has brought us and where He will take us. We are very thankful for good friends and supportive family members whom we know we can count on.

Psalm 62:1
Truly my soul silently wait for God: From Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation. He is my defense: I shall not be greatly moved.

We praise Him for being our rock and our salvation!



  1. Rock, Refuge, Fortress. What great words. God is so GREAT! Enjoy your new diet. You guys will end up being healthier than all of us. Love, G

  2. hey mark and lee
    you guys going to be around this weekend-we would like to come and visit. we have been keeping up with the blogs and praying daily for complete healing and recovery!!!!
    love u guys
    danny and connie

  3. So great to hear Mark is doing so well. Still praying, of course. Didn't you just love the "Whole Foods" experience. I love that place! :)