Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17th Update

It did not work out to go to MD Anderson due to timing, etc. We were encouraged to get a few other opinions locally, though (e.g. Dr. Scott Davidson, surgical oncologist - Piedmont) who have confirmed the diagnosis/prognosis of our surgeon. Surgery is definite and will take place this Thursday, the 20th., at 8:30am, Kennestone Hospital in Marietta.
Great news: one of the 2 spotted lesions has now been classified as a benign cyst and will not have to be removed...this lessens the complication of the surgery and will dictate that only 1 part/side of the liver be extracted.
Long story short, but we have opted for the time being out of chemo. We are using the services of Dr. Rhett Bergeron, who came recommended from a number of sources. Basically, we have peace about the decision to attack the cancer w/a totally natural approach (too complicated to explain here). Bottom line: God will either heal me or has chosen not to. To allow so many toxins in the body w/chemo or radiation is not the path we feel we need to go, but rather allow a more natural healing to occur...again, IF God choosed to heal. We know some may totally question this route and we understand, but it is where we feel the most confidence and peace...after all, when they only gave me 30% with chemo, the human odds are still not very high.
With so much gratitude for all of you...may He be exalted, Mark


  1. Hey Mark, I'm with you. You do what you feel the Lord is telling you to do. I'm praying every day not only for Him to be with you and Lee and the kids, but also for Him to heal you.


  2. Mark - Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. I love to see your words that are so strong in your faith in God. I pray for Him to give you and your family continuous peace and wisdom.