Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Kennestone - Prayer Needed!

Dear Friends and Family,

We certainly didn't think that we would at Kennestone this past week-end but here we are!

Saturday night when we were going to bed Mark felt like he had some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning.  He took some Pepto and went to bed - twenty minutes later he was up with lots of pain.  He waited until about 2:00 to wake me up and as soon as I saw him I could see the pain he was in!

After about an hour he conceded and we woke up Cameron and he drove us down to the ER where they did a CT scan and discovered he has some sort of obstruction in his intestines.  They admitted him and he did get relief from the pain which I was so thankful for.

On Sunday afternoon after 4 tries they got an NG tube down his throat to drain his stomach and give him some relief.

Today, Monday, they have been doing tests to determine the exact spot of the obstruction and what is causing it and then hopefully what to do about it.  We have done a lot of waiting today and we still don't have any answers - I will update when we find out what is going on.

In the meantime please pray that this may be something they can fix relatively simple and without surgery!

Until this happened he had been feeling wonderful!  We are scheduled to be at Hallelujah Acres lifestyle center in North Carolina to learn all about our new diet - check them out at

Thank you for your prayers -

Mark and Lee

P.S. We know just like everything that God is in control and has a plan, even in this.  If we focus our eyes on Him then first of all He will guide us and secondly we don't notice all the "stuff" going on around us.

We claim the promise "in this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer! I have overcome the world!" (Lee's translation)

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