Friday, November 20, 2009

Treatment Complete!

It is Friday night, November 20 and Mark completed the treatment out here in Arizona. It was with mixed emotions that we left the clinic today and told everyone there good-bye! The staff was wonderful! They were very caring and attentive and we could not have asked for a better experience.

It was very evident that this was exactly the place where God wanted us to be!

We will spend tomorrow during a little more sightseeing and then head home Saturday night.

Above are some pictures of the clinic and Mark with some of the staff.

From the bottom of our heart we thank all our friends and family who made is possible for us to be here!

Thank you all for your prayers - we ask continued prayer as we travel down this unknown path.

Love to all,

Mark and Lee

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  1. We are elated at the "Good News".....the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord is major good news and so is this report!!! All because of Him.. Cheryl and Pastor Rick